‘Supernatural' Season 12 Spoiler: Last 5 Episodes Revealed? Numerous Characters Returning

While some fans are sad that Season 12 has only five episodes left, most of them are actually satisfied with the direction that the show is going. Apparently, certain characters will make their impending return which will be vital for Sam and Dean’s thrilling journeys.

The British Men of Letters have been a thorn to Sam and Dean’s life ever since they were introduced on the show. The mercenaries have shown no remorse in providing some miseries towards the Winchesters. Also, who could forget about Lucifer’s baby as he is the biggest part of the problem in the previous episodes?

Max And Alicia Returns

However, in a stunning turn of events, Sam and Dean will receive an unlikely help from their old friends. Remember the episode “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox"? Well, the two characters that were introduced on that episode will help The Winchesters. Max and Alicia are not only twins but has the skills to be a great hunter like their mother. The new episode which will be aired on May 4 titled “Twigs and Twins And Tasha Banes” will focus on the friendship of the twins and The Winchesters.

‘There’s Something About Mary’

Also, the network and producers revealed another episode titled “There’s Something About Mary”. This will be the episode where Lady Toni Bevell will make its comeback. For those who forgot, one of the members of the sadistic British Men Of Letters tortured Sam at the very beginning of Season 12. This caused a lot of pains to the Winchester family but Mama Winchester wasn't having any of it again. While Sam and Dean are busy investigating on the current dilemma the American Hunters are in, Mama Winchester is also preoccupied with the presence of Lady Toni Bevell.

Sheriff Jody Mills Is Back

Lastly, Sheriff Jody Mills was teased by one of the producers to their fans as he posted a picture of them on Instagram. Mills was seen holding a paper which looks like a script and he seems to be ready for the return of his role. There is no indication yet on what episode will Mills make its comeback but it is a guarantee that it will be this season.

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