Here's The Culprit Behind Pokemon GO Login Issues

Like any other games out there, Pokémon GO also has its own share of issues and/or bugs. Almost every single day players get to face these problems, with some cursing the game to death. Hence, in one way or another, the current logging issue is not entirely new. After all, fans have once experienced this before. But hey, this time around, things are actually a bit different.

As of this writing, players are facing Pokémon GO login issues; one that is somehow difficult to fix, and why exactly is this happening? Well, let Google do the talking. Basically, the search engine giant is experiencing a security issue following a recent update to its Safety Net. Apparently, this caused the titular mobile game to misidentify some smartphones, flagging them as incompatibles, as reported by WWG.

Obviously, with the feature malfunctioning, logging in to Pokémon GO will not be authorized. Safety Net, in particular, works as Google's API. It's there to generally check, from time to time, the specifics of an android device. With this process, the company is able to identify if a device satisfies the required compatibility requirements.

Niantic, on the other hand, reportedly used Google's Safety Net in Pokémon GO for a very specific reason. This is to primarily determine if whether or not a device is rooted, which refers to the jailbreaking of an Android phone. Apparently, this one here is believed to be the reason behind the game's stability issues as well as exploits on the in-game securities.

PokemonGOHub reports that despite the issue with Google's aforementioned program, only a few of Android devices are affected. The list includes the likes of various ZTE devices such as the OPO 2, the Redmi Note 3 and 4, the LG G3 and the Alcatel One Touch, among others. While there's yet to be a direct fix, Pokémon GO players are advised to try restarting the game to see if it fixes the issue. The only catch, though, is it's a temporary solution to a rather technical problem.

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