Pokemon GO 19th Nest Migration In A Nutshell

By Alvin Elfwine , Apr 21, 2017 05:00 AM EDT

As expected, Niantic has introduced the latest Pokémon GO Nest Migration -- 19th to be exact. Obviously, the spawn locations of the pocket monsters have changed; hence, players will also have to adopt accordingly. Here's everything about the newest nest migration in a nutshell.

According to Heavy, the studio has just released the 19th Nest Migration update for Pokémon GO. In its most organic for, the term "nest" refers to an area where the same race or species of Pokémon tend to spawn. It also means a spawn of high frequency, as the location is deemed to be efficiently reliable. For example, if players happen to discover a Squirtle nest, then it is likely for them to catch two or more there.

Apparently, Niantic changes the structure of it in the game every two weeks. That way, players will not be able to exploit a certain area or location. If that nest previously spawned a Pikachu, it is unlikely for it to spawn the same kind of creature in the next nest migration. It could be a place for another Pokémon. Contrary to popular belief, the nest migration has no pattern. If it arrives, the changes are made to the overall structure.

This is where The Silph Road's atlas map becomes useful to Pokémon GO players. This giant map is used to report what particular nest spawn a particular Pokémon. And obviously, with every update, the map is also being updated. It also indicates when exactly a certain nest was updated and verified. That way, players will be able to adjust accordingly. So far, this is the most significant tool players can use for the time being.

In related news, Forbes notes the kind of benefit a "fresh start" could mean to the overall existence of Pokémon GO. That somehow, in one way or another, this is something the handhelds have been doing. And so far, the benefits and success follow. If Niantic chooses to do this, it is likely to be done when Gen 3 arrives. The studio could introduce some new in-game mechanics, or perhaps a reset that is similar to the Pokémon Games from Nintendo handhelds.

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