Sennheiser and Samsung Team Up To Bring 3D Audio To Android Phones

Samsung and Sennheiser want to bring 3D audio to tens of millions of smartphone users around the globe. On Monday, the two companies announced a partnership that will see Sennheiser's Ambeo Smart Surround earbuds gain Android compatibility. Three-dimensional audio, otherwise known as binaural audio, is a reproduction of sound the way human ears hear it. Using a special microphone arrangement that simulates the shape and position of human ear canals, the arrival time, loudness, and timbre (e.g., character or quality), sound can be captured naturally - headphone listeners hear sounds from all directions.

Through its Ambeo Smart Surround earbuds, the German company is aiming to provide a majority of the populace with a near-perfect sound experience - the closest to how our ears actually hear something.
The company first showed off its smart earbuds at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. These earbuds were designed to work only with an iPhone at the time, providing the Apple device owners the opportunity to capture binaural audio recordings (also known as 3D audio) using the microphones embedded on the outside of each of the in-ear headphones. They capture the sound from the surroundings to provide a surreal and unique listening experience. If you are interested in other features of earbuds to upgrade your listening experience. Check out this list of the best noise-canceling earbuds in 2019 now! 

The collaboration is even more interesting in light of Samsung's recent acquisition of Harman, which has several audio firms under its brand umbrella. Samsung bundles a pair of AKG in-ear headphones with its latest smartphones, including the Galaxy S8, but hasn't announced intentions to enter the binaural space.
This partnership will also enable Samsung to include yet another significant audio partner to its arsenal, thus, building on its existing feature set with Harman and Sennheiser. And this new bond also suggests that Samsung may soon upgrade your listening experience by providing Sennheiser's Ambeo earbuds free with its latest flagship devices - Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. It is currently providing buyers with Harman's AKG earbuds.


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