Heroes Of The Storm 2.0 Update Live, Learn How To Get The Overwatch Skins On Consoles

The latest Heroes of the Storm update 2.0 patch is now live along with its impressive new features. Alongside this are the new Overwatch skins and goodies that players can earn by playing the MOBA.

Heroes Of The Storm 2.0 Now Live

PCGamer shares that the latest update for HotS is now live and is the most extensive update since it launched around two years ago. To kick off the celebration, Blizzard revealed a new cinematic trailer featuring D.Va who will soon make her way to the Nexus.

Not only are cosmetic items out of a paywall, players now have the option to get sprays and chat emojis. Similarly, player progression has also been revamped as well as uncapping both account and hero leveling. Blizzard has also introduced the Loot Chest system similar to the Loot Boxes in the first-person shooter. Players will be rewarded with various random cosmetic items, which were previously only available by using real money.

Moreover, the needed experience to level up a hero has been dramatically scaled down, making it a more streamlined experience. Genji also makes his way to the Nexus along with a Hanamura map. In line with this, the team shooter has also gotten its own set of rewards based off of HotS.

Claim The Overwatch Goodies On Consoles

Luckily enough, even console players can snag the rewards even if they do not have the team shooter on their PC. According to PVP Live, console players must create a Battle.net account and connect their account to Xbox Live or PlayStation Network.

From the Battle.net site, players must log in and click their username on the top right of the website. They must then go to Account Settings and under Account Management, hit Security Options. From there, they will reach a screen where they must connect their accounts by logging in with their Xbox Live or PlayStation Network account.

Fans must play a total of five Heroes of the Storm matches to reap the Oni Genji and Police D.Va skin. These cosmetics items will transfer over to Overwatch after doing so. Fans can play Blizzard's MOBA on the PC.

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