Here's Your Actual Chance Of Capturing Shiny Pokemon In Pokemon GO

One of the things Pokémon GO players try to acquire in the game are the Shiny Pokémon. These creatures were added by Niantic a couple of weeks ago, making the game a little bit more interesting. Unfortunately, they are not that easy to find. In fact, many believe that they have more chances of catching rare Pokémon that the Shiny ones.

Almost everyone knows that the aforementioned pocket monsters did not arrive first to Pokémon GO. These were first seen in yet another Pokémon games called Pokémon Gold and Silver. During that time, an angry Gyarados can be seen wreaking havoc at the Lake of Rage. It was this moment that players encountered a totally different creature. It is worth noting that the aforesaid games also gave birth to the Gen 2 species.

Niantic first introduced the Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon GO around March 22, the exact start date of the Water Festival event. Magikarp and, well, Gyarados are two creatures confirmed to appear shiny. The only catch, as mentioned above, they are so difficult to find. However, as per USGamer, catching these pocket monsters, is not actually different from catching the regular ones.

At first, they appear as normal Pokémon in the game. However, after doing so, they surprise players by having a different appearance -- a shiny appearance, that is. The publication states that chances of obtaining Shiny Pokémon are around 1 out of 350 attempts, so to speak. It is possible that when it was first introduced, the spawn rates are high; but as soon as the event ended, it's when they became scarce.

While there's excitement in catching Shiny Pokémon in Pokemon GO, they don't really have significant effect in battles. That's right -- their stats remain similar to that of the regular type. Simply put, a Shiny Magikarp does not have anything special except for being shiny. As described by The Sun, they are merely special variants of the regular Pokémon species - just colored differently.

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