‘Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Gohan Regains Mystic Form; Tien Shinhan To Unleash New Power?

“Dragon Ball Super” is currently in its Universe Survival Arc and the series is delaying the awaited Tournament of Power with successive episodes featuring various characters that will join Team Universe 7. In the upcoming episode, Gohan will be training with Piccolo and is reportedly expected to regain his lost mystic power. Meanwhile, with lots of familiar characters gathering and returning to the scene, fans are speculating that Tien Shinhan will obtain a new power.

Return Of The Angry Gohan And His Mystic Form

The upcoming episode of “Dragon Ball Super” will feature Piccolo giving Gohan a special training. It is highly expected that during this training, Gohan will be able to master a new level of power. It can either be the Super Saiyan Blue or his former mystic power. However, the preview for the next “Dragon Ball Super” confirmed that Gohan will indeed regain his lost powers.

Fans are excited about this because the last time he was seen unleashing his mystic power was back in “Dragon Ball Z” when he trained with Old Kai to unlock an ability. The said ability was the mystic power, which released his full potential. With Gohan still struggling to master the advanced Super Saiyan forms, regaining all his lost powers including his mystic powers will help him to become stronger even if he turns into the raging Gohan that fans have hated.

Tien Shinhan To Reveal His Kaioken Move?

As revealed in “Dragon Ball Super”, Tien was recruited by Goku and Gohan to join and represent Team Universe 7 at the Tournament of Power. There are founded speculations that Tien, also known as Tenshinhan, will obtain a new power just in the time for the tournament. This is quite feasible especially when it was already disclosed how Majin Buu, Android 17, and even Krillin have grown stronger through extensive training.

The fact that Tien was even chosen to represent Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power is proof that he has grown more powerful, enough to go against the strongest fighters of the other universes. An upgraded form of Tien’s ability, the Tri-Beam, also referred to as Kikoho, which is a life-threatening attack and one of his powerful signature attacks, may appear. Aside from that, fans are looking forward to Tien finally unleashing Kaio-ken, a powerful fighting technique he has yet to master and show. The said technique was taught to him by his mentor, King Kai.

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