Overwatch: Here's Blizzard's Solution To Those Who Can't Earn The Event Skins

The latest Heroes of the Storm patch is now live along with several Overwatch goodies that fans can earn by playing a few matches. Luckily enough, Blizzard has announced a simple solution for those who do not have any access to the MOBA.

Heroes Of The Storm Rewards

Blizzard has officially launched the Heroes update with new features that try to entice new players to try the MOBA. In line with this, it seems like they are holding nothing back and have found another way to introduce their other player base to the game. Mashable shares that over the next four weeks, players can earn up to four rewards ranging from skins to lootboxes and a special icon.

As a throwback, Blizzard is bringing back the chance for players to earn the Oni Genji skin as the reward for the first week. Furthermore, players can also earn the Orochi hovercycle and other cosmetic items they can use in the MOBA. Following this, the week two reward is a new Officer D.Va skin that she can use in the team shooter. Players will also get a Busan Police hovercycle mount modeled after the skin's design in Heroes.

Week three rewards are some cosmetic items referencing Officer D.Va that can be used in both games. Finally, fans will earn 10 lootboxes if they complete the challenge on the fourth week. To participate, players must team up with a friend and complete five games every week.

Blizzard Addresses Overwatch Skins Issue For Console Players

This might pose as another challenge in itself for console players who lack a PC to play the MOBA. Game director Jeff Kaplan has addressed this issue on the first-person shooter's official forums where he claimed that they plan to put both the Oni and Police skin as lootbox rewards in the future.

Despite this, he still urges those with a PC to play Heroes Of The Storm to earn the Overwatch rewards. Kaplan also noted that those with access to the game will have the exclusive skins before anyone else. With this in mind, fans should take up the Nexus challenge to earn as many rewards as they can.

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