Google Maps Can Now Help You Find Your Parked Car

A new feature was announced yesterday that can help Google Maps' users remember where they have parked their cars once they have arrived at their destination. Interestingly, drivers may no longer have to spend hours scanning city streets or huge parking lots for their parked sedan.

The feature is simple enough to activate once you've parked up, and like Apple Maps, if you have your iPhone connected to your car via USB audio or Bluetooth, Google Maps will automatically tag your car's location on the map when you disconnect it.  All Android users have to do is tap the blue dot and then tap "Save your parking" to add their parking location to the map.

After that, it will show a label on the map itself identifying where you parked your car. After Google Maps has saved the location data, drivers can get additional details too, such as which level within the parking garage their car is located.  However, to get the new feature, just upgrade your Maps on Android or iOS to the latest version.  According to a source, the parking location is determined through a combination of GPS, cell towers, and also known as WiFi locations.

Interestingly, Google said people who park in front of parking meters can also note how much time they paid for, and also Google will send a notification 15 minutes prior to the meter's expiration. More so, a driver can also be able to take a picture of his or her parking spot using the phone's camera and send that photo to friends. However, the search giant did not say if people could share their parking photos on other third-party social networks like Facebook, Instagram or twitter. Furthermore, the new parking feature is available on both the Android and Apple iOS apps for Google Maps.


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