Titanfall 2: A Glitch In The Frontier DLC Datamine Leads To Discovery Of Upcoming Content

Players can now enjoy the new DLC in Titanfall 2 called A Glitch in the Frontier. However, a recent datamine revealed that there might be three new titans and new features coming soon on a new update. In reality, the content is for gameplay improvements to the Live Fire mode.

New Content Might Be On Its Way To Titanfall 2

One Reddit user has discovered that there is a possibility of three new titans arriving on Titanfall 2. According to PVP Live, a titan called Ramm was discovered a few months ago but Respawn has not yet released it to the game.

Next, Archon titan has been updated several times and there is a possibility it may replace Arc Canon Stryder Titan. The last unreleased titan is Monarch. Like the second titan, Monarch was tweaked several times and now it has a mod for its Superior Chasis.

Respawn might also be introducing Frontier Defense that will follow A Glitch in the Frontier content. It will be a game mode wherein players has to survive frontier waves. Together with the new game mode, new mods and abilities are part of the hidden content.

Some other possible tweaks include a new titan ability for Nuke Ejection, an improved Boost Activation weapon for Nuke Titan and Kraber having a new PVE Elite mod to increase its damage to 70 from 49 per round. The datamine also suggests a new mod for Archer called Mortar Mode.

It Is Time To Enjoy A Glitch In The Frontier DLC

With the new content in Titanfall 2, players can now play on a new map for Live Fire. As per Games Radar, the map has interior spaces, courtyards, and drones. A different map based on Lastimosa's planet has also been added in the game.

Although it is a medium-sized map, the players will find themselves lost in several paths covered with unending walls. They can also try a new faction called M.R.V.N., a new game mode called Marked for Death and a new execution for Pulse Blade -- Get to the Point.

Hopefully, Respawn will introduce the unreleased content for Titanfall 2 soon. Players have been waiting for new titans, new abilities and mods they can choose from. However, for now, they can settle with A Glitch in the Frontier DLC and the Live Fire game mode.

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