Multiplayer In Titanfall 2 Is Free To Play This Weekend, Details Here

Good news for those who are still on the fence of buying and getting into the Titanfall 2 action. Respawn Entertainment has launched a free play in the game's multiplayer for the weekend and is available for all platforms. Other than that, players are granted double XPs when they participate.

With Respawn Entertainment free to play multiplayer in Titanfall 2's, the players are given a chance to play a new and improved map called Colony Reborn. According to VG247, long-time players of the game will feel nostalgic once they have played it.

In addition, an upgraded model of R-101 will be accessible in the free play. Respawn Entertainment has added ACOG scope to the weapon. It is more powerful than before and can cause trouble to the enemies. A new execution called Curb check has been added also.

As per Techno Buffalo, Respawn Entertainment did not only allowed multiplayer campaign free play but players can also enjoy online play and single player missio. They can play the Training Gauntlet, The Beacon single player mission and other multiplayer modes.

However, only the Training Gauntlet and Beacon single player modes will only be available once the trial has ended. Other than those features, players can buy several paid cosmetics in Titanfall 2 during the trial. They can use Prime Titans such as Northstar and Legion.

They can choose to buy new Titan Art Nose Art that includes five new designs and one new Warpaint per Titan. Players can also have 20 camos, 20 banners and 20 patches. In addition, Respawn Entertainment has also released several bug fixes and game improvement for Titanfall 2. The free play will only be accessible until April 3.

If players want to try Titanfall 2, now is the best time to do it, taking opportunity with Respawn's free play for everyone event. Titanfall 2 is available to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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