NBA Playoffs: Win Or Go Home, Grizz Crushed By Spurs, Celtics Eliminated The Bulls

Few more games and the first round in the NBA Playoffs is almost over. The Grizzlies put up an amazing fight against the Spurs but it wasn’t enough to defeat them. Also, the Boston Celtics showed their mystique as they eliminated the Chicago Bulls.

Grit And Grind

The Memphis Grizzlies is called as the grit and grind team because of the type of basketball they play. While majority of the team are already following the trend which is small ball, the Grizz wants to use their big guys to force the opposing team to double team. During the first four games of the series, Memphis just out muscled San Antonio Spurs. Although the Spurs has some big guys, they weren’t as rugged as Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph.

However, the trio of Mike Conley, Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph is not enough against a battle tested San Antonio Spurs. The Big Three version of Memphis did everything they can do and almost filled up the stat sheet on their own. The only problem is, when these three are having a bad night or getting doubled, there is no dependable shooter that they can pass on. Green might have shown a glimpse of it during Game 5 but Spurs was able to check it out. Yesterday, the Spurs put on the final nail on the coffin as they relentlessly attack the Memphis Grizzlies eliminating them in the process.

Celtics Mystique Is Alive

The Boston Celtics once again showed why their mystique is alive. NBA Legends and Hall Of Famers who played against the Boston Celtics knows what the mystique was all about. Being down 2-0 in their series against the Bulls, the Boston Celtics looks weary and out of it already, until Kevin Garnett made an impact. Everybody knows that Kevin Garnett is the most intense and passionate player whoever played in the NBA. Avery Bradley and Gerald Green stated that Garnett’s advice gave them some energy and inspiration on what Boston is all about. Surely, they replied with Garnett’s intensity by defeating the Chicago Bulls four straight times.

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