Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Hiding Josh And Anna; Josh Duggar Depressed As He Goes Into Trial?

Josh Duggar is reportedly back under his parents' protection and he brought with him his wife and his four kids. Several photos of him also surfaced on the internet where he looks unkempt. This has made a lot of people believing that the infamous son of Jim Bob and Michelle is under the state of depression as he is about to face a lawsuit next month.

Several sources claim that Josh Duggar has moved back in Arkansas along with his wife and kids. The family of six is again occupying a space at the Duggar compound which sparked speculations that Jim Bob and Michelle are hiding Josh from his critics. There are also shared photos of the Duggars on the internet where Jana seems to be helping Anna with the kids.

Josh Duggar was however spotted stepping out of the Duggar compound and leaked photos of him showed how he is sporting ragged and bigger version of himself. These photos have quickly had people believing that Josh Duggar is currently depressed and has no time to groom and take care of himself.

People on the internet assume that Josh's upcoming trial is already taking a toll on him. It can be recalled that Josh Duggar received an invitation to appear in the court on May 15. He was complained by a formerly famous L.A. DJ whose pictures were used by Josh on his Ashley Maddison and OKCupid accounts.

According to DJ Matthew McCarthy's lawyer, he has lost his job and is not able to land on another one because of his involvement in a cheating website account hunt. Apparently, it was Josh Duggar who owns the profile which he admitted to in 2015. McCarthy's camp also revealed that he was more devastated with the thought that he was linked with a child molester which has caused him to miss opportunities to work his career.

The charges might then see Josh going behind the bars and paying a huge amount of compensation. This is reportedly making him feel down and that he is currently attending a religious counseling. A source has however made it clear that the sessions are for Josh to separate from his sex addiction and that it has started after he left the rehab.

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