Say Goodbye To 3D, Nintendo Introduces 2DS XL

Nintendo is ditching the once stable crown of its portable gaming system - the 3D. The Japanese tech will be releasing a new hand-held device with a sleeker design called Nintendo 2D XL. It is classier and more elegant when it comes to the design, akin to the 3DS but without the 3D feature.

The 2D XL is almost the same with 3DS XL but 3D is not an option for the newly introduced console. However, the company is improving the console's design.

Still, fans of Nintendo consoles should try 2D XL. The design is very intricate because of the symbols embossed on its surface. In addition, the black color gives its look an edgier aura. However, it will have a different name in Japan to welcome the next installment for Dragon Quest.

The upcoming console will be called 2D LL and it is short for 2DS XL Dragon Quest Liquid Metal Edition, according to The Verge. With the name in Japan, it is already a hint that players will have a new installment, Dragon Quest XI arriving in July.

Nintendo 2D XL is a revamp version of 2D that was released last 2013, as per Kotaku. Nintendo disregarded the continuation of the 2D version because it lacks design. With the announcement of the 2D XL, the Japanese company seemed to have managed to update it.

The upcoming console will cost around $150. It will be cheaper in the western parts of the globe because in Japan, it will cost 22,480 yen and if converted, it will be $200. However, if players want to buy 3DS; they still can, as it is still out in the market.

Players should definitely wait for Nintendo 2DS XL because the company is promising that despite its lack of 3D feature; the console will focus to bring quality gaming experience since it is what the players wanted. Hopefully, the console will be better than the other consoles.

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