Overwatch Update: Buggy D.Va Fixed, Game Reaches New Milestone

Many were disheartened following Blizzard's decision to temporarily removed D.Va from Overwatch. This is due to her being buggy, which only brought confusion to the game. Apparently, she is now fixed and ready to wage war again. Meanwhile, the game has just reached a new milestone in terms of player pool.

According to Kotaku, the studio has just recently announced via Twitter that the aforementioned Overwatch hero is back. "D.Va is now enabled in all regions on all platforms," the studio revealed. The hero has just undergone a major fix from the studio following a bug discovery.

Of course, while there are those who understood Blizzard's decision, some did not like it. After all, D.Va is one of them most sought-after heroes in the game. Her temporary removal only highlighted this further, as tons of players got disheartened for a minute or two.

Plenty of Overwatch players were reporting about crashes following the release of patch 1.10.1. Following the investigation Blizzard did, it was found out that the crashes were all connected to the hero. Thus, in order to mitigate the issues, the studio decided to remove her for the meantime.

In related Overwatch news, the game has once again reached a new milestone in terms of player pool. The Verge reports that the number of registered players is now sitting at 30 million. This, in one way or another, is a very astonishing achievement. Not to mention the fact that the game is still new compared to the pioneer titles within its competition.

Basically, around five million more players have been added to overall Overwatch player pool. This record was achieved in just three months, something that is really mind-boggling. Back in October last year, the number of players was only at 20 million. Fast forward today, a total of more or less 30 million has been added.

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