Will Terry Crews Really Be The Voice Of Doomfist In Overwatch?

It is safe to say that Doomfist is one of the most highly anticipated heroes in Overwatch. Although Blizzard has yet to official hint its upcoming arrival, players have always believed otherwise. Well, this is thanks to Hollywood actor Terry Crews. He, in one way or another, has definitely helped in shaping the hype surrounding the supposed character. The question is, will he really be the voice behind it?

Almost all Overwatch players will agree that Crews should and only be the man voicing Doomfist in the game. It's as if the community can't think of any other actor than him; and take note, the man isn't only making airwaves in the OW fandom, as he's also an iconic figure in the world of PC master race.

Just recently, Crews made a visit at one of this year's highly celebrated gaming event called E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). Many believe that this confirms the actor role in voicing the aforementioned Overwatch hero. Unfortunately, as reported by PVP Live, his visit is in no way related to the game or the character itself.

The big reveal came from a conversation between Crews and an Overwatch player on Instagram. In the social media site, Crews subsequently confirmed that this visit at E3 did not mean something significant. That, contrary to popular believe, it did not mean a contract between him and Blizzard. Obviously, many thought that this was a way for the studio to introduce the actor at the event as the voice of Doomfist.

Meanwhile, Blizzard iterated that it does not have any plans for this year's E3, according to GamingBolt. This somehow puts an end to the ongoing speculation about Crews being revealed at E3 for the Overwatch presentation of the company. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that the actor is out of the picture completely. It might be that the video game company is planning for an even bigger surprise and that players will have to simply wait.

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