Elon Musk Shows How To Avoid Traffic With This Magical Tunnel

Elon Musk wants a better for future for all of us. With his so-called, The Boring Company, a thrilling video shows how to reinvent the subterranean transport system by electric skates similar to electric slot cars. Musk spoke at TED Conference in Vancouver and he presented the very first video simulation that shows various Model S and Model X being lowered into tunnel systems.

Musk, a Canadian-American business magnate, has designed new tunnels to that can help avoid traffic on all roads, particularly in LA. The idea here is that the process will involve the boring holes beneath the surface of the Earth. Many people do not agree that this will help prevent traffic and according to SFGate, others regard this idea as a joke. However, Musk revealed The Boring Company's logo and machine, which will start the plan.

How Does This Tunnel Work?

Musk gave The Boring Company on Friday a website with a video showing how an individual will drive a vehicle and would eventually disappear beneath the road. The clip also shows how a specific car is moved along on a little sled at up to 130 mph or 200km/h after dropping underground. “You should be able to go from say Westwood to LAX in 5-6 minutes,” said Musk at the TED event.

According to CNET, new tunnels are designed by Musk, as well as the team, to move traffic along more swiftly by sledding a car with many layers on the roadways. It is controlled by a premium computer system designed for a specific task like that. So, once this is running, nothing could possibly go wrong.

The number of development and construction issues and the government permissions needed is surely tremendous. And even if the vehicles appear to move swiftly underground to the tunnel, it does take quite a while in order to get them down there and back up again. Furthermore, other people, especially those that will not support this project, might think that California isn't the best place to start this tunnel idea.


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