Samsung Galaxy S8 Bugs And How To Eliminate Them

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most if not "THE" most impressive smartphone to come out in recent memory. However, it does not come without a few hitches here and there. So far, a few issues have surfaced since the official release of the flagship Samsung smartphone. Below are some of these bugs and the ways to eliminate them.

Facial Recognition

The most glaring and annoying issue with the Galaxy S8 is its awkwardly placed fingerprint scanner. This is a design issue so there is nothing owners can do but to learn how to use the sensor without smudging the camera lens or to just use other security features such as facial recognition. However, even this feature is not perfect.

Reports have come in saying the facial recognition feature does not work smoothly. Users have to scan their faces repeatedly before the Galaxy S8 would unlock. So far, there is no software update to fix this glitch. The only solution right now, according to Trusted Reviews, is to just keep scanning to find the right angle.

Samsung also recognized that the facial recognition feature could be fooled into unlocking the device via a photo of the owner. This security risk has no known solution though it is highly suggested that Galaxy S8 owners utilize all the security methods of the handset including using the fingerprint scanner and security code.

Red Screen

A number of Galaxy S8 owners noticed that their screens took on a reddish hue. After initially insisting that this is not an issue, the tech conglomerate finally admitted that the red screen was caused by issues with the color settings.

The only way to get rid of the red tint is to wait for Samsung's cure. A new software update is currently making its way so it is a mere waiting game for those affected by the glitch. Once owners receive the update, they can play with the color settings to finally get rid of the redness.


Some Galaxy S8 units are suddenly losing Wi-Fi connection without being prompted. According to those who have experienced the bug, their phone's wireless connectivity would drop out of all of a sudden and later return with the owner doing nothing at all.

The Korean tech giant is already working on a fix for the Wi-Fi issue, which is supposed to be caused by problems with how the Galaxy S8 communicates with the wireless networks. Tom's Guide suggests that if the software update does not work, the owners can reboot their Galaxy S8s or go to the Settings app, click on backup and then Reset Network Settings.

A new issue with the Galaxy S8 is slowly gaining steam. Some owners have reported that their units are suddenly rebooting or restarting without being prompted. The issue is relatively new and Samsung has yet to recognize and address it. The Samsung Galaxy S8 seems to be experiencing problems after problems after its successful launch, which is a cause for concern especially considering that it is only one week old.

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