'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 3 Dives Back Into The Manga Arcs To Regain Viewers? Installment Not Coming Out This Year

Fans of Ken Kaneki are already getting worried as Viz Media is not giving any good news about the third season of the hit anime "Tokyo Ghoul." Countless reasons were previously pointed out on why "Tokyo Ghoul" has been pushed back but it is not yet clear whether the new season will still push through. Viz has not yet informed about the real status of the show but latest reports claim that it is not yet in the works.

Like "One Punch Man," the other hit anime under the distributing company, Viz Media is keeping mum about the real status of "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3. Fans of the show have been reinvigorated earlier when Kevin Hamric made some confirmations about the animes they will be realizing this year, but apparently, he was misquoted when he was making an announcement for "My Hero Academia" season 2 which has already premiered.

"Tokyo Ghoul's" second season had a poor reception as it swayed away from Sui Ishida's manga version. The countless criticisms about the anime's tweak led to fans wondering if a third season will ever happen. While Viz Media talks about the high possibility of the renewal, talks have it that the show will have to face several issues including its production and its choice of plot.

There is then a suggestion for "Tokyo Ghoul" to re-follow its source material to attract the viewers to tune to the yet theoretical new season. Since Viz Media is focusing on the upcoming "One Punch Man" season 2, rumors are rife that "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 could possibly come out in 2018.

While waiting for another season of the dark anime to grace the small screen, fans can enjoy Ken Kaneki's adventure on the live movie adaptation of the manga for the mean time. A trailer has already been released and fans saw the movie following closely to the scenes from the manga version. Also, there are rumors that after the live-action movie comes out, Viz will already work on the anime's production which is rumored to have problems on its workforce number.

The move of "Tokyo Ghoul" from the Madhouse Entertainment to the Pierrot Studios is also reportedly one of the reasons why the anime is being postponed. Viz has not yet answered to the speculations and it seems like fans will still have to wait for several months more to get a clear update about "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3.

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