Mercedes-Benz's Hardtop Roadster Is Not Coming Back; Futuristic Products Of The Company Revealed

Mercedes-Benz is set to make way for new automobile models soon but it seems like it will also finally put a halt to one of its popular designs. The hardtop roadster is said to be a dying design and the automaker has decided to stop its production.

Mercedes-Benz Hardtop Roadster In Its Last Days

Mercedes-Benz is known for its quality racing cars. However, the reportedly dying sports car market is making it harder for every automaker in the world to sell off their sports car. The Mercedes-AMG SLC43, also known as the hardtop roadster, is most likely not coming back after this year's model. Unnamed sources from various news sites have reported that it has been confirmed that Mercedes-Benz is pulling the plug off the said car's cycle plan.

With that said, anybody who wants to get the hardtop roadster should get it as soon as possible before the market runs out of it. Making its debut in 1996 and having its share of glory days even against the tough competitors, the roadster had a good run. Mercedes-Benz is not the only one facing this as BMW also went through this phase before, stating that the sports car market is not what it used to be with no foreseeable recovery.

Mercedes-Benz Reveals Its Future Products

Despite the roadster being reportedly taken off the market soon, Mercedes-Benz has still great news to share, revealing that it will be releasing major changes to its collection of products. The biggest reveal is the new Mercedes-AMG GT Four-Door, which is due to launch in 2019. With an E-Class platform, its interior is combined with GT features and may have a six-cylinder hybrid, a six-cylinder turbodiesel, and even a six-cylinder twin-turbo gasoline engine.

Another big news is that Mercedes-Benz is finally making a new model for the G-Class cars. It has been decades since an update was given for this model and it will reportedly have modern and wider features. Lastly, the SL-Class will get a makeover with the additional two rear seats and fabric top.

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