A Look At The Final Tesla Model 3; Private Viewing Takes Places In June

The Tesla Model 3 was unveiled last year in March and it has gained so much attention for its novel features that include being electrically powered. Tesla has just revealed an update, announcing the new final details of the Tesla Model 3.

Production-Ready Tesla Model 3 Finally Unveiled

After a year since it was launched, Tesla is now getting ready to set off latest automobile innovation into the market. The final design of the Tesla Model 3 has been revealed, confirming that it is finally ready for production soon. The changes in the final design are not major compared to the one initially released.

The tweaks are mostly in the interior that boasts of a new large entertainment and information system in the center. Chief Elon Musk pointed out that there won't be an instrument cluster with the speedometer because he says it does not matter to drivers. The automaker also revealed that with the upcoming launch of the electric-powered vehicle, it will be putting out more Tesla charging networks to cater to drivers' needs and to reach out to more locations.

Private Viewing For Tesla Model 3 Set In June 2017

Tesla Model 3, also known as the BlueStar, has already been slated to launch its production in July. Prior to that, Tesla has organized an exclusive event for some to get the first look on any up and coming new features on the said automobile. The company has set up a private viewing for the Tesla Model 3 before it heads off to production by picking out winners from a previous referral program.

The private show, which is part of a VIP tour of the Tesla company, will be held on June 2 and June 3. As revealed in the e-mail invites, the said VIP tour includes a gourmet meal and chance to discuss the products with Franz von Holzhausen, who is the Tesla Chief Designer. The Tesla Model 3 has been commended for its excellent design and hopefully, its final design will live up to expectations.

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