Windows 10 Creators Update Comes With Microsoft Defender Security Center

The newest update to Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system features a plenty of changes to its very own security protection. Rolling out in stages since April 11, the Windows 10 Creators Update adds the new Defender Security Center and introduces dynamic locking capabilities. Aside from that, it also offers new privacy controls for the computer.

Microsoft's Windows 10 Defender Security Center

LaptopMag recommends all PC owners to buy legit antivirus software to protect the operating systems of their computers. However, if PC owners are using Windows, they don't need to buy and install and anti-virus anymore. This is made possible, thanks to the new Windows 10 Creators Update which comes with its own Microsoft Defender Security.

The new Microsoft Windows Defender focuses more on the security of its operating system, which makes its maintenance tools easier to find. This updated version of the utility implements a surface upgrade to match the overall Windows 10 system. Although the new Windows Defender looked like a copy of Windows 8 protection, the new Security Center gives a better bird's eye system overview compare to the old one.

The highlight of the Windows 10 Defender Security are the tools that would likely fly under-the-radar for most devices. What Microsoft has prepared for all the Windows 10 device users is the way of bringing together a number of security settings in the operating system that was scattered. As reported by PCWorld, the old Defender Security was a very bare-bones utility while the new one is clearly a different beast.

Microsoft's Warns Windows 10 Users

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update is great on its own. However, the firm is sending a warning to all users who have not yet received the automatic update. As per Microsoft, Windows 10 users should avoid downloading the new OS update manually because the tech giant is still in the process of hammering out issues. Microsoft advises the users to just wait for the notification that their Windows 10 will receive.


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