Windows 10 Cloud Updates, Release Date And Price

Today, May 2, Microsoft is hosting an event in New York with an official social hashtag of #MicrosoftEDU. In the event, the tech giant it is expected to make some announcements regarding its plan related to education and could also possibly unveil a new hardware product. Microsoft's Chromebook competitor is likely to be unveiled today along with the Windows 10 Cloud.

The most popular aspects of Chrome OS and iOS will be copied by Windows 10 Cloud, as reported by SlashGear. Microsoft is rumored to be targeting a swift start-up of 20 seconds or less. It is also expected to have a quicker resume time of below two seconds. The battery life should be more than 10 hours and certainly enough to last a whole day away from the charger.

Microsoft Windows 10 Cloud Release Date

According to TechRadar, school years in the US generally end in late May or early June. It will start again in either late August or early September. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that Microsoft's Windows 10 Cloud will mainly be focused on the education sector, where Google Chromebooks are currently directing the roost.

Therefore, with an event with an official hashtag related to education, it is somehow possible that we may not see any Windows 10 Cloud news today. However, it may be released at the start of the 2017 school season, which will be in August or September. In addition, the upcoming Windows 10 Cloud-based laptop's specifications include a quad-core processor coupled with 4GB RAM and an option of 32GB or 64GB storage.

Microsoft Windows 10 Cloud Price

It is not anymore a secret that Windows 10 Cloud is expected to compete with Chrome OS, Google’s operating system. Google has a unique technique since it doesn’t sell that OS individually for customers to install on any devices. With that, we can expect for Microsoft to follow the suit and present a much more unique idea on how they will price their OS.

That means an interested buyer of the Microsoft Windows 10 Cloud won’t be paying for it that much since the device running is will only be billed. There is still no information regarding the price of a Windows 10 Cloud-based computers. However, Microsoft wants them to be as competitive as Google's Chromebooks, therefore, it may cost somewhere below $250.


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