General Motors Unfazed With Tesla Model 3 Launching; Revives First Factory

General Motors has made headlines recently for re-opening its company’s first ever factory. They have also revealed that they are not worried at all with the upcoming launch of the Tesla Model 3.

General Motors Confident With Chevy Bolt

The production-ready Tesla Model 3 has just been revealed and it is creating quite a buzz. Even prior to its launching, Tesla has organized a private showcase of the Tesla Model 3 as well as a tour of the company. Despite the hype surrounding Tesla’s up and coming new electric-powered car, General Motors remain unfazed.

Every automaker company around the world is working on its novel electric-powered vehicle and General Motors is one of it. Even with the release of anticipated Tesla Model 3, General Motors have raised that they the advantage when it comes to this competition. Lead designer for the Chevy Bolt, Stuart Norris said that having General Motors to be the first one to introduce an electric car has given them the edge because competitors will have to deliver something as good as the Chevy Bolt.

General Motors Re-Opens “Factory One”

General Motors is clearly having a great year. It has bounced back from the verge of a financial collapse with profits pouring in and having the greatest advantage in the new market for electric cars. Now, it has just been revealed that they are also going back to their roots as they open once again the company’s first factory, which they refer to as Factory One.

The automaker company has finally opened the factory after buying it in 2013 and put efforts into preserving and renovating it. Though GM never created a car in that factory, it is considered the birthplace of their factory when the founders leased the building to jumpstart their careers. Factory One will be a venue for corporate meetings and various events. It is reportedly open to the public but by appointment.

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