Battlefield 1 Guide To Megalodon Easter Event

Megalodon is not something new to the fans of Battlefield 1, as it is a regular thing in the franchise. Now, it exists in the latest iteration, particularly on the Fort de Vaux. For anyone who is wondering how this can be activated, this guide will definitely be a great help.

According to PVPLive, to enable the megalodon in Battlefield 1, the help of at least two teammates are required. Heck, several blood sacrifices are even a necessity here. It is worth noting that in Battlefield 4, players could just simply summon the megalodon out of the sea that is near the Parcel Storm beaches.

In Battlefield 1, the creature survives underneath the Fort de Vaux map. It can be summoned from a tiny area of water that's just outside the fort. To commence the activation, players need to enable an array of red valve. The latter can be located at the aforementioned They Shall Not Pass map. Once holes are blown on the ground, the red valve tends to become available for a trigger.

Just near the collapsed room in the game, a valve that is nearly buried in the back can be found. Apparently, each of these should be activated; hence, it's important for players to coordinate with their respective teams here. Once this is completed, one should throw a grenade into the sewage pipe (located at the corner of the map just near the mine carts).

Here's the tricky part now: VG247 reports that Battlefield 1 players will need to sacrifice three players into the pool of water created just outside the fort. It doesn't really matter which team these players belong as long as they die in the said body of water. Once pool starts to fill with blood, the megalodon will automatically jump out of the water. Just be careful, as it tends to kill anyone standing right next to it.

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