Battlefield 1 Battlefest Gets Additional Rewards, New Missions

There is no doubt that players love Battlefield 1 Battlefest, thus, they are hoping to see more of it. Fortunately, EA DICE gave in, extending it throughout the game as well as Battlefield 4 and Hardline. This time around, though, it arrives with new missions and rewards, among others. Here's everything about it.

According to PVP Live, the Battlefield 1 Battlefest comes with a new revision of the Battlepack. It also introduces a change to the game's Custom Game Mode along with new missions (both personal and community). In addition to all of these, the developers included a Battlepack giveaway.

The Battlefest in Battlefield 1 also comes with an added feature called Premium Friends. It's uncertain if the latter will only stay throughout the existence of the event or if the studio decides to make it permanent. The extension will end come April 10 around midnight.

It is worth noting that the Battlepack Giveaway is inclusive for all three titles -- namely, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline. For players to acquire it, they simply need to log between the dates of April 4 and 9. Once they do, they will be given a Battlefest Revision Battlepack.

Moreover, EA DICE brought a new set of missions. The first one being solely for the community in which the titular Hutier PTFO Weapon Skin is featured. For players to claim the weapon skin, they have to play all of the game's They Shall Not Pass DLC maps. This could either be down on their own or through the utilization of the feature called Premium Friends. The catch? Well, they have to achieve at least 25 kills.

As for the personal mission in Battlefield 1 Battlefest extension, the goal is also quite simple. Players need to claim at least 25 kills using explosives only. Although the explosive kills don't necessarily have to happen in the aforesaid DLC's maps, there are still restrictions that players need to understand. For instance, there are certain explosives that players can only use during the span of the mission. Among these are the Frag Grenade, Dynamite, Anti-Tank Grenade and Anti-Tank Mine.

In related news, GameSpot reports that players will have the chance to acquire Battlefield 1 if they choose to buy Microsoft's newest Xbox One S. The game is already bundled with a copy of Resident Evil 7, both of which can be obtained for only $250.

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