Retailer Suggests God Of War 4 Release In September

Sony Santa Monica's God of War 4 is without a doubt one of the most highly anticipated titles of this year. Apparently, though, the company has never unveiled its release date yet. This has put a heavy burden to the fans who kept on wondering when exactly it will arrive. Well, it looks like the date has been leaked.

According to WCCFTech, the release date of God of War 4 has been possibly leaked by a Portugal-based gaming retailer. The said retailer, though nothing official from Sony, just changed the date of the forthcoming game to Sept. 14 this year. The gaming retailer's name is Gaming Replay.

The PlayStation 4 exclusive has made huge waves following its reveal back in E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) last year. The developers at Sony Santa Monica, however, has promised to keep things about the game under wraps. Indeed, nothing specific -- except for the bits of details shared online -- about the game's core has been unveiled.

WWG reports that somehow, in one way or another, the Sept. 14 release date for God of War 4 makes sense. First is because it is not typically the "end of the month" placeholder, which is something that most gamers would expect from games in the pre-order system. It is also a perfect timeline to compete with Uncharted: The Last Legacy, a title expected to hit the shelves come Aug. 25.

It's a doubtful, though, in a sense that the date falls on a Thursday. In the franchise's history, the games were released on Tuesdays. There is a good explanation to this, though. Many suggest that this is because most European retail release usually falls on a Thursday. If this is the case, then it is likely for the U.S. fans to get hold of God of War 4 on the 12th.

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