‘The Dark Tower' Trailer Released, Stephen King's Artistry Unleashed

A few hours ago, "The Dark Tower" trailer was released, and viewers were shocked about how the trailer portrayed one of the best novels of Stephen King differently. Also, various celebrity A-listers are part of the film, which automatically makes it even more interesting to watch.

Stephen King's Artistry

To understand what "The Dark Tower" is, people should at least read the novel first. It might be a novel from Stephen King, but it is very different compared to his other works. When people hear the name Stephen King, they automatically assume that the project will be a horror movie. That is right in some aspect, as Stephen King has written arguably one of the greatest horror novels or movies of all time with "The Shining." However, basing on the book, "The Dark Tower" will be a mixture of various types of genres.

Some bookworms who have gone through the novel already is actually comparing "The Dark Tower" to J.R.R Tolkien's "Lord Of The Rings." The only difference is, "The Dark Tower" has more twist than the massive movie. Stephen King commented about the comparison, and he stated that Tolkien's "Lord Of The Rings" is somehow the blueprint of "The Dark Tower." However, Stephen King is not satisfied with creating the novel basing on a medieval quest only as he also wants to adapt Leone's Western storytelling.

A-Listers Spearheading The Film

Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey will spearhead the film as stated. These two versatile actors don't need any introduction as their credentials speak for themselves. Various insiders provided some spoilers about the movie saying that "The Dark Tower" will be a magical quest but with guns. It might not sound clear to everybody, but again, for those who have read the novel, they do know what the movie is all about. Also, the release dates might vary from one continent to another as explained by one of the producers.

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