‘Outlander’ Season 3: Storylines And Start Date Confirmed, Creator Of The Show Enjoying The Spotlight

There is no doubt that “Outlander” is the single greatest TV Series produced by STARZ network. Although it only produces 2 seasons, “Outlander” has been smashing multiple records already. A few hours ago, STARZ provided some tidbits on some storylines and the start date of their anticipated Season 3.

No Exact Release Date Yet

The President for Programming of STARZ does know the secret in keeping the legions of fans of “Outlander” happy. Knowing that Season 3 will take longer than expected, Albercht provided some juicy insights on what will happen to the 3rd installation of “Outlander”. The release date is already confirmed and it will be in September. However, there is no exact date yet as they are finalizing some of the “paperworks”.

New Characters, Epic Trailers, And Twisted Storylines Teased

The trailer for season 3 is already out and multiple fans are now intrigued on what the pilot episode is all about. The only thing that was stated by the showrunner is that most of the storylines will revolve around Diana Gabaldon’s Voyager novel. Claire who traveled the last episode is now pregnant. Reemerging to the scene, Claire founds out that a lot of things have changed and his first husband Frank will be puzzled by her appearance.

Most of the main characters are still aligned with “Outlander” Season 3. Also, their multiple new characters that were teased to make an impact on their new installation. Up and coming actress Tanya Reynolds and Hannah James will play both interesting roles and could be paired to Sam Heughan. As presented by the producers, they portrayed the role of being an elegant woman, who are very beautiful with a warm heart. Also, they are sisters and part of a powerful family.

Lastly, versatile actors Gary Young and Charlie Hiett will be part of season 3. Their role would be a Chinese medicine expert and a navy captain who is very strict but loved by many. One of them will be a partner of Jamie Foster. There are rumors that Young will be an instrument to Foster’s success.

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