'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' Proves To Be A Spectacular Hit, Thanks To Red’s 8K Weapon Cameras

The "Guardians 2" earned a whopping blockbuster hit of over $100 million in the bank from international ticket sales. It made things better with more than $106 million in its first weekend at 58% of overseas territories. This week, the movie opens in several more major foreign markets and this is a film that stands a fighting chance of cracking the $1 billion mark around the globe.  One big contributor to the film's overwhelming success is the amazing technology behind it.

The sequel functions as an origin story. In order to make the movie even more spectacular, Gunn and Marvel Studios recruited veteran cinematographer Henry Braham as the film's director of photography.

James Gunn's cosmic sequel is the first to film in 8k resolution, which means about nine times the resolution of 1080p HD, with that the production team can zoom in up to nine times whatever is in the frame and still could be perfectly in focus with high definition quality.

According to Digital Trends who interviewed Henry Braham, the veteran cinematographer, said, "In terms of the visual style the intent was to make a very rich, adventurous, colorful looking movie that is really designed for the big screen. A movie that is big-screen for IMAX and for wide-screen projection. It's intended to be a theatrical event."

Braham also added, "That's why I went to see Jarred Land from the Red Camera Company. I was talking to him about it and he kind of reached out and put a black box on the table and said, "Well, how about looking at this?" This was their new high-resolution 8K camera, which is a VistaVision camera and it was in a prototype form, and the idea of it seemed perfect for Guardians Vol. 2.

Indeed, the richness of the images of the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 delivers crisp and clear details of every scene, blending well with the IMAX screen.  The high-tech cameras did all the magic and the results were excellent!


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