Blackberry KeyOne vs Nokia 3310: Battle Of The Retro Phones

It’s refreshing to see alternatives to the modern all-screen smartphone design, such as the popular retro phones Blackberry KeyOne and Nokia 3310. Not many users are willing to swap the touch screen handsets to ones with a physical keyboard. However, there’s certainly still a market for people who are feeling nostalgic, but also long to be surprised with updated versions of the beloved old models.

Such is the case of the new Blackberry KeyOne, which is an Android-powered phone that is unusually equipped with a physical keyboard. On the other hand, Nokia 3310 is essentially a burner phone which you can easily replace, but its durability and charm can still attract a lot of buyers. So which of these pioneering phones should you get?

According to  Digital Trends, the Blackberry KeyOne has all the qualities of a traditional smartphone such as excellent battery life, a priority on security, a capable camera, and an additional great keyboard customization options. However, it suffers from occasional performance stutters, it is quite bulky and has subpar navigation icons. For a handset which can accumulate dust through its keyboard, it has a hefty $550 price tag.

On the other hand, according to the Forbes, the Nokia 3310 can't replace your smartphone, but it is widely considered to be one of the most popular phones ever made. According to  Forbes, its upsides include a compact, fun design, an indestructible body, an ergonomic grip, and an extraordinarily long battery life. The fun phone where you can play Snake in is priced at a very low $52.

To compare these two popular retro-inspired phones would be like making a comparison between an apple and an orange. The Blackberry KeyOne is a smartphone, while Nokia 3310 is obviously a "dumb" phone. They're so different when it comes to the extent of usefulness, but what they do have in common are loads of charm and a good dose of nostalgia.

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