‘Dragon Ball Super' Spoiler: The True Female Broly Revealed

The recent events that happened in "Dragon Ball Super" showed that the series is far from over. It seems that Gohan has a new power level that even Goku cannot apprehend and finally, TOEI Animation revealed the True Female Broly.

When Gohan and Piccolo had their training, Piccolo mentioned that the only way for Gohan to survive and win the tournament is to let go of his arrogant behavior. Piccolo pointed out that when he was fighting with Majin Buu, Gohan was so full of himself knowing that he has an ungodly power that can be activated if he chooses to use it. Gohan then listened to his master and provided a glimpse of his new power. Basing on the aura that was created by Gohan, it is somehow similar with The Female Broly's aura. According to famed YouTubers and "Dragon Ball Super" expert, the opening video wherein The Female Broly transformed to a Super Saiyan is very identical to what Gohan did during the last episode.

TOEI Animation has not fully revealed the identity of The Female Broly but by looking at its official website closely, a new name was coded in the platform. The name Kale was presented and it is the first time that the name was used or heard from the series. With the help of "Dragon Ball Super" experts translating the information, it was stated that Kale is indeed The Female Broly. A couple of months ago, the origin of The Female Broly was provided in a web magazine but instead of using the name Kale, the word "Cali" was used, which is similar to the name given in "Dragon Ball Heroes" game.

Kale or Cali is very mysterious, to say the least. By merely checking her appearance, it is safe to say that she is not from Universe 11. However, by looking at the promo videos, Kale is included in Universe 11. What made Kale join Universe 11? Is Kale the sister of Cabba? How strong is the female Broly? All of these questions will be answered once the Battle Royale started.

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