Pokemon GO 'Worldwide Bloom Event' Is For Grass Types; Is The Gen 2 Legendary Celebi Coming?

Pokémon GO's "Worldwide Bloom" is considered to be the game's first true Micro-event. Niantic announced that there will be a new event for Pokémon Go this weekend, specifically for grass type Pokémon. Grass types will have an increase in spawn for a few days spanning from May 5 to May 8. Fans are awaiting on special Pokémon to catch, possibly a shiny Bulbasaur, and they are also waiting for any announcement about Gen 2's final Pokemon - the grass type legendary Celebi.

Pokémon GO Worldwide Bloom Event

Pokémon GO's Worldwide Bloom even is considered to be the first true event of Niantic's augmented reality game. Grass-type Pokemon are finally getting the spotlight they deserve. Their spawn rate will increase during the event, which will only last a few days, not the usual one week.

Fans are disappointed, however, not just by the short span of Pokémon GO's Worldwide Bloom but also the event's only other bonus are the lures lasting for six hours. There are no XP, candy, or stardust bonuses and no item bundles. All grass type Pokémon from Gen 1 to Gen 2 will have increased spawn rate but people are counting on for the Pokémon that matter and that's mythic Gen 2 Celebi. So far, fans are waiting on an official word from Niantic for Celebi since the possibility of a stealth release is a long shot.

Pokémon GO Celebi Another Legendary

Celebi is a time traveling Pokémon and considered to be the Mew of Gold and Silver according to Mic. This Pokémon is a dual-type of psychic and grass. Although Celebi is not a particularly strong Pokémon, catching one is well worth the bragging rights since getting one requires attending an official event. There are still zero legendaries in Pokémon GO.

The legendaries in the Nintendo handhelds are scarce but fans are slowly losing hope that there will ever be a legendary event. The three legendary birds have not been introduced in Pokémon GO, which means there is a slim chance Niantic will release Celebi first. There is nothing wrong with hoping though.

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