A Huge Event Hits Pokemon GO In Japan

Events are among the things that keep Pokémon GO exciting, and this is exactly what Niantic plans to do so. That's right -- the studio is brewing on yet another event for fans to enjoy. Apparently, though, there's a catch.

According to WWG, the company is set to unleash another Pokémon GO event. However, this would not necessarily make all fans happy. Why? That's because this event is only exclusive to Japan. It's in partnership with one of the world's largest fast-food chains -- McDonald's, that is.

The McDonald's Pokémon GO event is in the aforementioned country is in celebration of the Golden Week. The latter is basically a seven-day period that already includes a total of four national holidays. With this, there will be more than 25,000 PokeStops, which are McDonald's outlets, across Japan. They will also be packed with lure modules and will last for the entire week.

It is worth noting that this is not the first event to be region-locked. In the past, events in the country were made to boost the country's tourism. This is primarily a move to redeem the areas devastated by natural disasters. Among these is the most recent tsunami that wreaked havoc all over Japan.

While the said event is a thrilling experiencing, most Pokémon GO fans aren't really excited. After all, the event is only exclusive to Japan. Add to this the fact that the community is still waiting for the next event, which, up to this date, remains a mystery.

In related Pokémon GO news, Express reports that a huge update has just been released to the game. Apparently, it made some massive and significant changes to the wild pocket monsters. Moreover, it tweaked the creatures' attributes. Basically, a Pokémon no longer has the same core stats in every player. Simply put, each player will acquire a creature unique from others. Hence, these species will function differently from now moving forward.

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