Mercedes-Benz Unveils CLA 180 Star Wars Edition For Japan

Japan has just unveiled its new Star Wars Edition for the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class. The debut of the said limited edition marked a new milestone in the company’s history.

Mercedes-Benz Debuts Star Wars Edition CLA 180

Mercedes-Benz gave a huge surprise to car enthusiasts and Star Wars fans all over the world when it announced its limited edition CLA 180 in Japan.The limited edition turns out to be inspired from the Star Wars series. The automaker wittingly unveiled the said limited edition CLA 180 on May 4, which is Star Wars Day, a date that fans celebrate and observe in honor of the Star Wars series.

The CLA 180 Star Wars Edition will be released in Japan and only 120 units will be sold. It comes in two colors, Calcite White and Night Black, wherein 60 of each will be put up for sale. The rare model reportedly will not be available outside of Japan.

CLA180 Star Wars Edition Is Better?

Nissan may have been the first one to unveil a Star Wars-licensed auto model but Mercedes-Benz got the people’s approval when it was revealed on the celebrated Star Wars Day. Aside from that, it seems like the Mercedes-Benz limited edition CA 180 is actually better than the Nissan Rogue. It has been revealed that in place of the Mercedes-Benz logo, it has a Star Wars puddle light installed, makes R2-D2 sounds, and even has a reversible sun shade giving off the front window a look similar to the Millennium Falcon.

The special themed compact car reportedly doesn’t just differ in colors, but each model has distinguishing aspects to it. The Calcite White model will have black trim accents on its exterior while the Night Black model will have white-trimmed seats, steering wheel, and even the instrument cluster. Both models also have red accents to it but it will be visible in the Night Black’s exterior while the Calcite White will have splashes of it on the inside.

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