‘Star Wars' New Manga Adaptation 'Lost Stars' Launches This May

The highly acclaimed "Star Wars" novel, "Lost Star" is getting a manga adaptation. It has been quite a while since "Star Wars" was adapted into a manga and it will be released in May 2017.

"Lost Stars" Manga Out This May

It has just been announced that Claudia Gray's hit fictional novel, "Star Wars: Lost Stars" has been slated for a manga adaptation. The said novel is a young adult science fiction and is actually a canon. It has reportedly been two decades since a "Star Wars" manga was released and it is good to hear that the franchise is trying out this medium again to reach out to young audiences.

The manga adaptation, "Lost Stars" will be released aptly on May 4 this year. It will be available for free online and can only be read or downloaded from the LINE Manga application, which can only be downloaded from the Japanese mobile store. With the release of the manga, a contest has also been launched, encouraging fans around the world to submit their illustrations based on Kevin Hearne's "Heir to the Jedi" and Paul S. Kemp's "Lord of the Sith" novels and the winners will get their works published into a manga.

What's The Story Behind "Star Wars: Lost Stars"?

The popular fiction novel, "Star Wars: Lost Stars" is like a Romeo and Juliet story but it that's just how it was introduced. It explores the lives of two young people named Ciena Ree and Thane Kyrell. They came from different backgrounds but they both went to the Imperial Academy. The story delves well in developing the characters and giving fans an in-depth view of life within the Empire.

The two main characters grew a bond over their shared love for flying and the Galactic Empire. However, this did not last song since both have realized what the Galactic Empire was truly about. This caused a dilemma between the two because Thane decided to seek out the Rebel Alliance and Ciena remained loyal to the Galactic Empire.

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