How To Use Siri To Identify Which Plane Is Overhead And Where It Is Going

Even if you are using powerful binoculars, you'll have some trouble identifying that plane flying overhead. Perhaps if you can use a powerful telescope, that wouldn't be a problem.

And yet, you won't be able to tell where it is headed. But going through all that trouble just to identify the plane overhead is just plain craziness if you're an average person. However, if you have Siri on your iPhone, you can easily determine the destination of that plane flying overhead.

Siri Can Do More Than Reading Emails

Yes, Siri can do more than just read emails, give you reminders, set the temperature in your room, and so forth. Siri can help you identify the plane flying overhead and where it is going. In the past, you have to use certain phrases to command Siri for it to work. But now, the commands for Siri were streamlined to make the process a little bit easier and faster.

She Can Identify Airplanes And Their Direction

If perhaps you are just curious about the identity of the planes flying overhead, you can just ask Siri and she or he will give you the answer instantly. Would that be a neat thing to have, especially if you reside in a place near the airport where several airplanes fly above your roof several times a day?

How Siri Is Able To Do It

Apple has made Siri so that users can access the FAA database. All you have to do is to activate Siri and ask "What planes are flying over me right now?" Siri will then provide you a list of aircrafts, their altitudes, their flight numbers, and the angles at which they are flying.

Siri will also provide you with another chart listing the type of airplane and the distance of the aircraft from where you are. However, Siri will give a disclaimer indicating that the information is only a projection as to where the plane is supposed to be using delayed data. That means the data provided by Siri is the most accurate she/he can provide.

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