Here's The Season 2 Loot Drop Chart In For Honor

New seasons come with tons of interesting stuff, and this is exactly what For Honor 2 Season 2 will turn out. Apparently, a chart of the season's loot drops has been revealed, giving players a concrete knowledge about it. Well, here it is in a nutshell.

In a Reddit post from user King_Louie-, he reveals the aforementioned chart that should give For Honor players an idea of what to expect. Based on it, there'll be a total of 4 new epic rarity along with new weapons (quantity of 4, too). Add to these are 2 new armors for each hero Ubisoft will be introducing.

The For Honor Loot Drop chart also highlights the stuff back in the first season. The only difference with the latter and the new one is set of looting rules the studio will be implementing. Some players suggest that the upgrade the video game company did is commendable. Nevertheless, there are those who hope to get more and more gears in the future.

The new season will also be adding a couple of treats for the players to enjoy. One of these is the XP boost, which is about 50 percent or more. This will be happening every week as soon as the new season starts. This is believed to be set in order for players to get a grasp of the new features and whatnots. However, as soon as things get settled, the XP boost will be back to 25 percent.

In related For Honor news, the developers of the game have released two new trailers, each highlighting the new heroes, as reported by PCGamer. The latter are basically the Shinobi and the Centurion. The Shinobi will be joining the Samura faction and is best described as having the grace of a dance and a precision of a killer. As for the Centurion, it's best defined as a tactician who sees the battlefield as some sort of a chessboard.

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