WWE News: Former Diva Returning? Charlotte Scandal Has Part 2?

The Women's Division in the WWE right now is star-studded, to say the least. When the Divas revolution started, it seems that there are plenty of former WWE stars who want to test the new breed of divas. Also, Charlotte is still devastated when her private photos were shared through the web and there are rumors that there is actually part 2 of her scandal.

There is no question that the women's division in the WWE right now has the best lineup in history. Ever since the four horsewomen was called up to the main roster, there were plenty of aspiring divas who followed their foot prints. Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley has held the women's title once or thrice in their career. Stephanie McMahon posted an intriguing tweet about the Divas revolution which made a former star react to it quickly.

Gail Kim Returning To WWE?

Gail Kim is a 17 year veteran in the squared circle. Kim wrestled all over the world and was part of WWE Divas before. When she was interviewed the other day about Stephanie’s tweet, Kim stated that the revolution started even before. Kim was actually grateful to Stephanie and Triple H’s work in making the women's division great. The multiple women's champion also mentioned that if she will be given the chance to wrestle again in WWE, she would love to wrestle The Queen, Charlotte.

Charlotte Scandal Part 2?

On the other hand, Charlotte has been involved in multiple roller coasters for the past week but none bigger than her private photos being leaked. Charlotte is bewildered and was asking the hackers to take down or remove those pictures. However, there is an on going rumor that Charlotte’s scandal is far from over. The hackers tweeted the other day that they have few more pics from the WWE diva but the tweet got deleted immediately. Recently, Paige was targeted and the hackers did provide 5 videos and 10+ racy pictures from her. Alexa Bliss was one of their targets but they weren’t successful as the reigning champion is cautious with regards to her post.

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