This Nintendo PlayStation Was Barely Functional In 2015 But Now It Can Play CD Games

There is a fabled gaming console called the Nintendo PlayStation that nobody thought existed for real until a prototype was discovered in 2015. It barely worked, but a professional modder got to work on it and got it up and running again.

When Terry and Dan Diebold acquired the renowned Nintendo PlayStation, it barely worked. The CD drive, its highlighted feature, could not play any games. After a slew of repairs, they only managed to turn it on. However, professional modder Ben Heckendorn (or Ben Heck for short) came to the rescue, he tinkered around with it and got the drive to work to run games.

Ben Heck explained that he changed some dubious capacitors and moved some things around, Engadget wrote. His milestone surprised him but now that obstacle is out of the way, there is another challenge to surmount. That is to find any playable CD games.

Since the tie-up between Nintendo and Sony never went to the market, no developer created games for the console. Therefore, there will be no hidden cache of games somewhere. There are two homebrew games, though, that were created by enthusiasts for emulators that were ground on the system. One was had too many glitches to run until it was fixed, while the other only showed a black screen.

Meanwhile, GameSpot explains that the Nintendo PlayStation was supposed to be a version of SNES that could run CD games. It was even publicly unveiled in the summer of 1991 at the Consumer Electronics Show But the console did not reach mass production stage because Nintendo reneged on the partnership. On the other hand, Sony went on to create their own gaming system with one-half of the name. The rest, in that regard, is common knowledge to any gaming fan.

However, at the time, there were already 200 prototypes of the system that had been manufactured. All of them should have been destroyed but one managed to survive destruction. This lone survivor was discovered by a Reddit user who posted photos of it in a forum and that was how it made it to the Diebolds and Ben Heck.

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