'The Strain' Season 4 Slated To Premiere In July 2017

By Shor M. Rae , May 11, 2017 06:01 AM EDT

FX has finally announced the awaited release date for the fourth and final season of “The Strain”. The network has confirmed that the thriller drama television series has been set to start airing this July.

“The Strain” Returns With Final Season In July

FX has revealed that “The Strain” Season 4 has been scheduled to officially air its first episode on Sunday, July 16. The final season of the said show has been placed on the 10 PM slot. It will be nine months since the third season concluded.

Sadly, despite the said FX show returning to television screens in a few months, it will be the last time fans get to enjoy it. “The Strain” was renewed for a new season back in September 2016 but FX emphasized that it would also be its final installment. The said vampire horror drama series made its debut on FX in July 2014 and was received with generally positive reviews, even gathering several various awards and nominations.

FX Announces Synopsis For “The Strain” Season 4

The story continues nine months after and “The Strain” Season 4 will start off with the world falling into total darkness. “The Strain” Season 3 ended with an explosion that caused a global nuclear apocalypse. Because of that, the strigoi were freed and were even given the ability to move around even in daytime.

The nuclear apocalypse paved way for the strigoi and the Master to establish control over the world. Since their reign, several human beings have been forced to work with the strigoi under an alliance they called “The Partnership”, wherein they either collaborate with each other or die. The plot’s clearly heading to an intriguing development and FX has further revealed that the disbanded heroes have to overcome their personal battles in order to fight back.

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