‘Dragon Ball Super' Producer Explains Sudden Power Increase In Anime; Reveals Roshi's Role In Tournament Of Power

“Dragon Ball Super” is the hype nowadays thanks to its ongoing Universe Survival Arc that brought together the strongest warriors from various universes. However, fans have noticed some changes and the producer of the show has addressed their concerns and even revealed the reason why Roshi is part of the Tournament of Power.

Every Character Is Too Strong And Goku Looks Weaker

The Universe Survival Arc is quite enjoyable but fans have noticed two things in it. The “Dragon Ball Series” seemed to have powered up its returning characters to ridiculous levels that fans are surprised. Aside from that, it seems like Goku’s strength has been downplayed but this could be because he’s going against other universe’s strongest fighters.

“Dragon Ball Super” producer Hiroyuki Sakurada has voiced out that the inflation in the power, which makes Goku seem mediocre in this arc, is nothing to worry about. He explained that the series creator Akira Toriyama always makes a good break for every new arc and if it the power scaling looks huge, it’s not a big deal since it will pass. Sakurada added that there are countless surprises in store for fans in the “Dragon Ball Super” anime series so they should keep a look out for it.

Roshi’s Role Makes An Impact In Universe's Survival Arc

Fans are already aware that the Universe Survival Arc revolves around the anticipated Tournament of Power, wherein ten warriors from 12 universes will be pitted against each other in a battle royal. Team Universe 7 has pretty much completed its line-up with Goku leading the team. However, fans are rather confused how Master Roshi ended up joining the team when the team should be composed of the strongest warriors in the universe.

Sakurada explained that just like Krillin, Roshi has a unique story that made him into the formidable character that he is, going through extensive training as well. Though he may not be one of the characters that have experienced power inflation in the “Dragon Ball Super” series, he is still worthy enough to join the Tournament of Power. Sakurada added that Toriyama has already set his heart on bringing back Roshi and promised to deliver his fights that fans will enjoy.

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