‘Vanquish’ Coming To PC Through Steam Soon Says Sega

After delivering many teasers, Sega finally announces that the third-person shooter Vanquish will be coming to PC through Steam. This video game was not the run-of-the-mill type third person shooter because of its speed. The gamer will be better off not seeking for cover but shooting out in the open. When it was unveiled in 2010, only Xbox 360 and PS3 owners were able to enjoy this game.

All Critical Features Are Included In The PC Version

Now, it is hitting Steam, and soon all PC gamers who are interested will be able to play this game on their tabletops. The Steam page of Vanquish revealed that the game's most important features are included in its PC version. These include extensive graphics options, unlocked HD resolutions, and unlocked framerate.

A Lot Of Attractive Bonuses Are Also Included

The Digital Deluxe Edition of Vanquish also comes with additional bonuses such as a number of avatars, desktop wallpapers, a digital artbook and a soundtrack sample with five songs. Fans of the game have anticipated this PC version. They knew that it is coming soon when Bayonetta was released for Windows PC through Steam. The next logical one for release is this video game.

It Is Available At 25 Percent Discount

To sweeten the offer, Sega is offering 25 percent discount for pre-orders of Vanquish to gamers who have already bought Bayonetta via Steam. This video game will hit the stores on May 25, but gamers can pre-order their copy now if they want to take advantage of this price slash. The PC version of this game will support 4K resolution.

Sega also revealed that the PC port of Vanquish would support not only gamepads but also mouse and keyboard controls. Other attractive features of the game include anti-aliasing, scalable texture, SSAO lighting, shadow quality and anisotropic filtering. Shinji Mikami who directed this game, also directed the Resident Evil series and the Devil May Cry video game.

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