'My Hero Academia' Chapter 137 Spoilers: Operation Rescue Eri Begins; Is Mirio Going To Die?

By Shor M. Rae , May 12, 2017 05:20 AM EDT

The latest chapter of “My Hero Academia”, otherwise known as “Boku No Hero Academia” has just been released. It reveals the heroes’ plan to infiltrate Overhaul’s headquarters so they can save Eri. However, as they prepare for the secret mission, there are unsettling hints that Mirio might meet a sad demise.

Deku Struggles With The Secret Internship

In the early chapters of “My Hero Academia” manga, the young aspiring heroes were ordered to gather with veteran heroes under Sir Nighteye’s request. The sudden and secret convention of various heroes was to reveal Overhaul’s real plans about the trigger, which is a drug that can either enhance or stop quirks, and to rescue Eri. Before the secret operation, Izuku, Ocachi, Eijiro, and Tsuyu train as they remain on standby, struggling to keep the details to themselves.

Izuku, in particular, is still having trouble with his quirk works and he wants to approach All Might for pointers but he cannot do so because All Might isn’t part of the secret mission. Despite being secretive because of the orders imposed, Izuku’s friends understand his situation and encourages him. Izuku, after feeling torn because he doesn’t have anyone to confide in, breaks into tears after his friends’ kind words.

Kohei Horikoshi Dropping Hints On Mirio’s Impending Death?

“My Hero Academia” Chapter 137 reveals a great development in the plot to rescue Eri from Overhaul’s grasps. However, fans are a bit worried that there might be subtle hints that Mirio Togata is going to die. The chapter has placed Mirio in the spotlight for this chapter and even became Sir Nighteye’s main worry, which has gotten fans to reach that speculation. Since the young heroes are going up against Overhaul, who is the leader of the Eight Precepts of Death and clearly a strong villain, it seems understandable that the heroes will face imminent casualties.

Mirio is the top candidate to become All Might’s successor and judging from how his role was hyped in “My Hero Academia” Chapter 137, he will have a pivotal role in the unfolding events. The said chapter ended with the young heroes marching towards Overhaul’s headquarters to start the mission. However, it left with a cliffhanger, which had Overhaul greeting someone who might be from the League of Villains or the young heroes he was actually expecting to barge in.

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