‘My Hero Academia' Chapter 135 Spoilers: Eri’s Role Revealed; Heroes Make Their Move Against The 8 Percepts Of Death

By Shor M. Rae , Apr 21, 2017 05:34 AM EDT

The latest chapter of “Boku No Hero Academia”, otherwise known as “My Hero Academia” has been released. It features the urgent meeting between heroes of all ages on their plan to make a move against Overhaul and the Precepts of Death.

Illegal Drugs That Make Or Break Quirks

As revealed in the previous chapter, various heroes including Izuku and his classmates were gathered by Sir Nighteye for an urgent meeting. Sir Nighteye has announced that the emergency had something to do with the Eight Precepts of Death. In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 135, he further revealed that the points of interest are the illegal drugs they have been making and that they have been making contact with the League of Villains.

Sir Nighteye explained as well that the heroes gathered were contacted through the Heroes Network, which only licensed heroes can access, and that every hero part of the secret urgent meeting has something to contribute to the plan. They were mostly concerned about the medicine that broke Tamaki’s quirk. Through Tamaki and Kirishima’s efforts, they found out that the said medicine can either improve one’s trigger to great lengths or nullify it completely.

He explained that thanks to Kirishima’s added effort to subdue the thief that used the trigger, they were able to determine what this illegal drug was about. They found out that the illegal medicine was made out of human blood cells. Fortunately, they concluded that the illegal medicine is still a prototype because the effects wore off after a short time.

Eri’s Terrible Role Finally Revealed

When Centipeder and Sir Nighteye revealed that the illegal drug, also referred to as Trigger, was made out of human blood cells, the heroes were shocked especially the young ones. Izuku and Mirio then realized that moment that the trigger was being made using Eri's body. The two young heroes encountered Eri and Overhaul before and failed to rescue her after Sir Nighteye told them not to pursue them.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 135 revisits that crucial encounter and they remember vividly that Eri was covered in bandages. Sir Nighteye acknowledged his fault and announced that it is their plan to rescue Overhaul’s daughter, Eri to put a stop to the production of the illegal medicine. Izuku and Mirio then vow to rescue her no matter what.

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