'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Will Frieza Actually Fight For Universe 7 Or Will He Wreck Havoc?

By Shor M. Rae , May 12, 2017 06:50 AM EDT

The popular “Dragon Ball Super” series have released official updates recently and the story’s taking interesting turns. It was surprisingly revealed that Frieza will be joining Team Universe 7 at the Tournament of Arc. However, fans are wary of what exactly his role will be.

Frieza’s Unexpected Comeback Hypes Possible Fight With Frost

“Dragon Ball Super” is currently in the middle of its latest arc, the Universe Survival Saga and things have been interesting so far especially with the upcoming events unfolding. The latest episode has yet to air this weekend, which will feature Gohan’s honed abilities. However, updates and spoilers have already been officially released, giving fans a glimpse of what the next four episodes will be about.

The most surprising turn of event is Majin Buu will actually miss out on the event, which fans speculated beforehand, and that he will be replaced by Goku’s archnemesis, Frieza. The Tournament of Power is a battle for survival and Team Universe 7 is clearly in a pinch when they take desperate measures to pick a fighter that doesn’t exist anymore. Frieza will officially return to fight at the Tournament of Power and fans are excited at least to see him go against Frost, a fighter from Universe 6 and who shares the same race with Frieza.

What’s In It For Frieza If He Joins The Tournament Of Power?

The latest update revealed that Goku will be the one approaching Fortuneteller Baba to revive Frieza. This was kind of confusing because it would be feasible to have Beerus to do that instead of Goku because the former is a god of destruction. Frieza’s upcoming appearance in the Universal Survival Arc has gotten fans to think about how Universe 7 will convince the supervillain Frieza to join them.

It is already certain that Frieza will join the Tournament of Power but it could be because he has no choice since if he doesn’t help out, that means he would be wiped out as well. However, having a new team member, which is actually not on the team’s good side might become a disadvantage to the team. Frieza also may be powerful but after a long time of being dead might have weakened him and he could probably end up more of a liability in the Tournament of Power since he has no time to train for it.

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