'Overwatch' Might Be Prepping For A New In-Game Couple

Overwatch has become iconic for the various ships fans have been creating between characters. This time, it seems like Blizzard might be planning to pair two more characters in the game officially.

Just like in the first-person shooter, Heroes of the Storm also includes a broad range of character interactions before the fight. In line with this, PVP Live shares Lucio and D.Va also have their own dialogue which hints that they may be more than just friends. Here, D.Va asks how her '"favorite international DJ" is doing which prompts Lucio to answer that while he plays a lot of music, D.Va is still his favorite "Song."

For those unaware, D.Va's real name is actually Hana Song. The two also share another interaction in their original game wherein they ask for each other's autographs. Blizzard has yet to reveal any romantic connections between the two, but their voice lines may hint their more intimate connection.

Incidentally, PC Gamer reports that Mercy and Genji have also gotten their own voice lines that pair the two together. Data miners dug up dialogues wherein Mercy offered Genji some Swiss chocolate. Genji, on the other hand, also gave Mercy some chocolates which were not of the same quality. With this in mind, it seems like Blizzard might have had something planned for Valentine's Day.

Another official yet tragic Overwatch couple made its way to the game via a spray in the latest event, as per Polygon. Widowmaker aka Amelie Lacroix was once married to agent Gerard whose objective was to take down the evil group, Talon. Unfortunately, the terrorists were able to kidnap Amelie and brainwashed her into a sleeper agent who personally killed her own husband.

She then returned to Talon who underwent more training and experiments which made her skin blue. In memory of her deceased husband, Blizzard made a wedding picture spray for Widowmaker in the Uprising event. Those who want to learn more about the Overwatch lore can watch the various videos and read up on the comics.

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