‘Overwatch' League $20 Million Buy-In Fee Rumors: Blizzard Answers Allegations Of Five eSports Organizations

Overwatch League is supposed to up the ante for the video game's eSports. However, the latest rumors indicate that prominent eSports organizations are shying away from the league. Apparently, there seems to be a problem with the rumored $20 million buy-in fee that scares away these groups from participating.

Five eSports Groups Are Quitting The League

A recent report stated that a total of five eSports organizations stopped fielding their teams for Overwatch League. An ESPN report seems to shed light on the reason why these groups resorted to this drastic move. Apparently, Blizzard requires these teams to shell out $20 million as their franchise fee if they want to join.

The LCS Of League Of Legends Requires $1.8 Million Only

The latest rumors indicate that this Overwatch League buy-in fee arrangement will also be required in key cities such as New York and LA. However, others are speculating that the amount could be lowered to $15 million. In comparison, getting into the League Championship Series of League of Legends will only require eSports groups approximately $1.8 million.

Blizzard Says Its Overwatch League Is At The Pinnacle

Blizzard was quick to issue its response to the allegations about the Overwatch League buy-in fee rumors. In its response, the game publisher tried to set the record straight but did not confirm if it really requires such a huge franchise fee. Blizzard said that its aim is to develop "an exciting Overwatch eSports ecosystem," with the Overwatch League at its pinnacle.

However, it emphatically stated that the company would not release any information until it deems it necessary to do so. Apparently, Blizzard does not want to deny nor confirm the truth about the $20 million Overwatch League buy-in fee rumors. The reactions of the five eSports organization seem to be only natural considering the enormous amount they are supposedly required to pay.

Blizzard Claims Sources Of Reports Are Leveraging The Media

Additionally, Blizzard suggested that the sources where ESPN got their information were attempting to use the media to spread misinformation about the $20 million Overwatch League buy-in fee rumors. There is one thing clear at this time: with five eSport groups dropping their teams, the future of this Overwatch eSports seems to be uncertain.

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