Latest 'Horizon Zero Dawn' Patch Lets Players Flaunt Their Creativity

Horizon Zero Dawn has gotten a few significant changes since the release of its latest major patch. In line with this, players are expressing their creativity through breathtaking pictures with the updated Photo Mode.

According to Kotaku, the newest patch now lets players sort their inventory and declutter the map. That way, players can easily scan through to locality without being distracted by so many icons littered on the screen. However, the improved photo mode is the highlight of the latest changes in the game as Aloy can now make some goofy poses and remove the once mandatory skull hat accessory.

Players can also add filters, change the protagonist's facial expression and even have her look directly at the camera, as per Polygon. Those who want to customize the image can add the phrase "greetings from" turning an image into a postcard. It even implemented a three-by-three grid feature so precise players can follow the rule of thirds in photography.

In line with this, VG247 shares that players have been capturing some amazing shots within the game. They have been posting these images on social media with Guerilla Games' official Twitter account even hosting a photo contest. Most of the pictures feature Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy exploring her destroyed, yet still beautiful world as she poses in fields and cliffs.

Some have even taken some amazing landscape photos that actually seem like real nature. The improved photo mode gives fans another reason to return to the game to capture more of the game's beautiful environment.

That aside, it still seems like the developers have more planned for the game as they will be releasing an expansion soon. This story will still supposedly focus on Aloy and her journey in the game. Those who want to play Horizon Zero Dawn can get a copy for the PS4.

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