‘NieR: Automata’ Angers Pirates Over Piracy Check Update That Blocks Them From Playing

It seems that pirates are up in arms against NieR: Automata because a popular mod has re-enabled piracy checks for the successful cracks that they have previously developed on one of the games. Previously, the Denuvo DRM on PC was cracked enabling PC gamers, aka pirates, to enjoy the game for free. However, with this new development, pirates are back to square one.

The Initial Aim Is To Fix The Graphics

This new PC mod, created by a modder named Kaldaien, aims to fix all the PC issues including poor graphics and a faulty 1080p resolution of NieR: Automata. Kaldaien created the Fix Automata Resolution or FAR which improved the game's resolution from 900p to 1080p. However, PC pirates are getting angry because of its new anti-piracy failsafe feature preventing them from playing the game for free as before.

But A SteamAPI Validity Check Was Added

Kaldaien added a license that will require a SteamAPI validity check and that was what angers pirates of NieR: Automata. The modder assures legitimate players of the game who holds licenses that nothing malicious will happen to them. However, to those who don't respect licenses, all things malicious will result.

This Piracy Check Blocked The Pirates

An authorized licensee of NieR: Automata will only need to click Accept when the screen prompts him for an infinite license. However, the clicks of those who don't have valid licenses will not be accepted by the piracy checker. It's as simple as that. As can be expected, pirates all over the internet threw a massive tantrum directed against the modder.

The Pirates Banned The Modder

The simple piracy checker created a backlash and got Kaldaien banned from the NieR: Automata Steam forums. Even the download link for the mod was removed. The modder seems to buckle down from the pressure as he made the source code of the mode freely available. It will enable the pirates to alter the codes so that they can remove the piracy block and keep on enjoying the game. The question is: who is the loser and who is the winner?

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